Connect with Amanda Daff:

Amanda Daff empowers both individuals and organisations with skills necessary to navigate complex business environments. She believes that greater opportunity is enabled through people power and theimplementation of supportive business structures. Through activating strategic ‘navigation,’ spaces, Amanda equips business leaders with tools to help with decision-making, employee engagement, higher productivity, and higher profit.

With her display of keen curiosity and thirst for knowledge, Amanda possesses a solid understanding that knowledge is power at the core of any complex situation. With this foundation, combined with a natural tendency to influence others and create opportunity, it’s no surprise that Amanda graduated from Macquarie University in 2005, with a Bachelor’s in both science and law.

After university, Amanda commenced her career with a boutique legal firm called ‘Employment Innovations’ as an employment solicitor. As part of their founding team, Amanda played the key role of a key strategic influencer. This lead to the success of a newly introduced business model. Most notably, Amanda integrated her passion for research and knowledge with charisma and emotional intelligence.

The combo of knowledge and empathy for clients enabled her to be the driving force behind Employment Innovation’s rapid growth. This growth has lead to national expansion and several key industry awards, with Amanda at the helm. Today, she continues her role as a part of Employment Innovation’s senior executive team. During this time she time navigated the success of clients such as Keystone Group, Merivale, Wendy’s Ice-creams, and Mirvac Group just to name a few.

Amanda will offer a free 15 min consultation for anyone wanting to better navigate employment and employment management. Please ask them to email to coordinate.