Connect with Carolyn Birchill:

★ Operations Manager ★ General Manager ★ Leadership ★ Digital Excellence ★ Innovation ★ Culture ★

A dynamic, innovative and tech-savvy Operations Manager, I am a specialist at building things from the ground up. I am able to deliver the impossible by using unconventional ideas to solve problems and unlock potential.

Throughout my career, I have been tasked with leading complex projects; from managing mergers of people and systems, to developing innovative digital assets and most recently building a 24/7 online small business channel and evolving it into a world-first App. With a background that spans from large enterprise to start-ups, and many in-between, I bring a unique blend of robust structure, leading-edge process and dynamic leadership and always work hard to deliver outstanding commercial outcomes.

People are at the heart of everything I do. I build strong teams by empowering teams behind a clear vision and driving a culture of collaboration, even when many team members are in virtual off-shore locations. I genuinely care about supporting, mentoring and developing individuals and creating high performance cultures with low attrition.

In my spare time I am actively involved in a number of charity and volunteer initiatives and have been throughout my life. I am currently an Ambassador for The genAlpha project and have also had longstanding involvement with a number of charities including four years as a Director of ‘Journey Outreach’ which assists those who have suffered emotional pain from disease, domestic violence or poverty.

Skills and Experience Includes:

Operational Leadership | HR Management | Establishing Systems & Processes | Market Research | Commercial Management | Project Management | Digital Media | Digital Assets | Process Improvement