BRIC expert, speaker, entrepreneur and thought leader David Thomas is well known in the Asia Pacific region for his experience, credibility and passion for identifying, building and facilitating business and investment relationships between developed and emerging countries.

His unique experience and powerful networks have accumulated over a 30 year career in London, Hong Kong and Sydney. He managed his own financial services business in Hong Kong for 8 years (1987 – 1995) which provided unique insights and first hand experience of the changing landscape within the Asia Pacific region, particularly the opening up of China, the rise of Japan and the Asian tigers, and the emergence of India.

More recently, driven by his interest and passion for the economic potential and growing influence of the four “BRIC countries” (Brazil, Russia, India and China), his influence and activities have extended to Latin America and Eastern Europe.

He is working with companies and investors within many industry sectors (e.g. agriculture, food, healthcare, education, tourism, property and financial services). David continues to support entrepreneurs and SMEs seeking to expand their global footprint, leveraging business and investment networks throughout the region, leading an annual mission to the Asian Financial Forum in Hong Kong and on the Advisory Board of the Emerging Markets Masters Fund.

David’s experience includes engaging with companies, investors and businesses in the rapidly growing countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China. It includes advising business leaders, investors and entrepreneurs within the Asia Pacific region on the rules for profitable engagement. And he has addressed audiences of all sizes on investing and doing business with the BRICs.