For over 20 years Jaquie has worked with tens of thousands of staff serving customers in environments such as stadiums, fast food retail, major events and airports. Jaquie has worked with private and public-sector organisations as well as not for profits including global sporting entities. Regardless of the diverse agendas and business models, the common challenge that was presented to Jaquie to fix each time was the desire for customer service to be fast and meaningful and consistent with a workforce of thousands.

Jaquie speaks and educates with authority on customer service in large retail service organisation’s, recently implementing practices into the largest sporting event in the world in January, the Australian Open Grand Slam. During her time as Director of Customer Relations, she rolled out a customer centricity model for a workforce of 9,500 staff (including all catering, security and operational roles) interacting with 728,763 fans. This resulted in a decline in complaints and saw an increase in compliments.

Unlike many customer service experts, who transform cultures using technologies, steps of service, mapping strategies and customer profiles, Jaquie’s approach is much simpler. She gives the advice she would give any friend who is trying to make a connection with someone; just be a good human. The mistake many organisations make is approaching customer service like it’s an automated process, like we’re robots in a factory machine. While organisations must have processes and systems in place the real way you can increase your customer value is through developing your service leaders who impact your customer service staff positively.

Jaquie lives and breathes her message in an authentic way and has intentionally spent most of her corporate career living at the intersection of employee and customer. From this experience, she knows what levers to pull for both employee and customer for more inspiring employee experiences and therefore customer experiences.