Connect with Kerry Boulton:

When it comes to being able to ‘monetise’ a business for sale, Kerry Boulton has over $15.4 million worth of runs on the board from businesses she has successfully helped build and sell over the past three decades.

Described by most people who meet her as an elegant, serial entrepreneur, Kerry was the first woman to manage and own an international freight forwarding company when she negotiated the buyout of Freight Management International, a division of the publicly listed company, Mayne Nickless Ltd.

Following her purchase of Freight Management International in 1987, the business was successfully sold nine years later after a multi-million dollar turnaround – giving Kerry one of the biggest pay days of her career.

Kerry has always been known for being “ahead of the game”. Pioneering Nexus Business Coaching in 1996, the company was well established before “business coaching” became popular. Kerry was also Managing Director of FastTrac Victoria Pty. Ltd. Through Executive FastTrac™, Kerry delivered state-of-the-art business development programs for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs seeking to improve and grow their businesses.

Together with her husband, Kerry has been a partner in two real estate agencies, selling the first for a multiple many times above the industry norm. The second is an actively growing business.

Not one to stand still for very long, Kerry also channelled her entrepreneurial energies into her children’s schools and the local community, while maintaining several pro-bono advisory board roles.

Despite leaving school at 15, Kerry achieved a Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship in 1999. She was later invited to teach MBA students on the subject of Business Planning as an Adjunct Teaching Fellow at Swinburne University.

Over the past 20 years Kerry has mentored many owners through successful business growth… positioning them for their ultimate sale.