From a very young age, Lauren’s always aspired to discover, learn, and experience new ways to improve the quality of life, for herself and others. Her life changed forever at 16 when she experienced hyponsis. This allowed her to overcome years of chronic pain. From then onward, it became her mission to share that feeling of empowerment with as many people as she could to help them realise their infinite potential.

Lauren attended an introduction weekend workshop on NLP in 2005. She quickly found that she wanted to learn the skills and became a certified NLP practitioner months later. Fast forward 11 years later, she’s now a master trainier and master practitioner of NLP and Matrix Therapies along with other modalities such as hypnosis, chakra mindset, and the universal laws through archetypes. In the past 7 years, Lauren’s trained literally hundreds of wonderful people. She served as Vice Chair Person of the Australian Board of NLP as high standards of the NLP field is important to her. Lauren is also a registered trainer member and clinical member at the ABNLP and a full member of IICT.

Travelling to Egypt on a spiritual quest like no other tour and to Southern France to study the Sacred Feminine & Masculine, Lauren can’t wait to share more about ancient wisdom with you next.