15 years ago Maureen Pound was a well-educated, bored employee with no savings.

She is NOW a published author, has a growing coaching company, 3 investment properties and is a solo mum with 2 IVF children (who are also growing!) She is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs who have been in business a while, and are a bit frustrated, to pick the pace of growth, get the right sort of clients on board and KEEP THEM!

Now it must be said she does like the limelight too, having appeared in major publications around the world, such as the The Age, Business Review Weekly, HR Asia and Australian Property Investor Magazine.

She believes that if a business owner combines great education and tools with a well -trained, experienced business coach to help them get clear and keep going, (even when things get tough) then there will be no stopping them. She has also personally coached over 1,000 business owners over the last 15 years so knows the issues they face every day. She has worked internationally and has visited over 40 countries (after driving around Australia in a Holden HZ station wagon in her early 20s).

She has done the tallest bungee in the world, been canyoning, white water rafting, hiked the Inca Trail jumped out of a plane and definitely makes the most of life. She knows what it’s like to feel stuck or overwhelmed in your business (and want to hide under the covers occasionally), but believes it’s best to have a whinge then get over it and on with it.

Life is way too short!

She believes that being in business is like a crazy rollercoaster but that if you signed up for the ride, why not enjoy every bit of it! She supports business owners to do just that.