Steve Hui is the Founder and Chief Executive of iFLYflat.

For 17 years he solved complex problems in senior finance roles in corporations including Macquarie Bank. Three years ago Steve started the world’s first points-optimisation consultancy, helping businesses to fly business class for cheaper than economy and optimising their credit card rewards and frequent flyer points to redeem for free travel.

Now Steve is the leading authority on maximising the return from reward points for business, and regularly speaks at conferences, runs workshops and appears on Australian TV, news and media.

If you have points, iFLYflat can help you book the points flights that you won’t find. If you don’t have points, they will create a tailored strategy to help you earn more points than ever.

Steve believes everyone should & can experience the true joy of flying in first or business class, and has discovered the secret value hidden in your points.

There is no one he cannot help to do better – put him to the test.