Connect with Victoria Plaksin:

Victoria is a sales and negotiation professional with over 19 years experience in entrepreneurship and acceleration. She played key leadership roles in a number of start-ups, where she combined her entrepreneurial, sales, negotiation, strategy and leadership competencies to enter competitive markets. Victoria also has over 13 years experience in training, coaching, mentoring and delivering professional development programs to entrepreneurs, SMEs and corporate clients.

Qualified in psychotherapy, commerce, conflict resolution and negotiation, she builds on her passion for human performance and psychology to explore their impact on negotiation process, outcomes and trust in relationships. Victoria is a Fellow at the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) and a Strategic Board Advisor for Negotiators Without Borders, a global initiative aimed at reducing social inequality and promoting peace.

As the Co-Founder and Managing Director of The Trusted Negotiator, Victoria leads an expert team of negotiators with 110+ years of combined experience, ranging from SME buyouts to complex multi-billion dollar deals, with heads of industry, commerce and diplomacy.

Having conducted training, coaching and represented clients in high stakes negotiations, across 5 continents and in 4 languages, The Trusted Negotiator team has distilled practical experience at the negotiation table into what actually works.

You can now leverage their billions of dollars in dealmaking experience to get YOUR deals done or learn the essentials that will make you feel confident, in control and fully equipped to consistently make outstanding deals yourself.  Deals that deliver tangible business value, enhance your key relationships and position your reputation as a Trusted Negotiator.

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