Zachary Sequoia started his love affair with digital creative and innovation in San Francisco during the first tech-boom in the mid/late 90’s. And for the last 18 years, he has worked with for some of the world’s most well-known digital brands on 3 different continents. Obsessed with usability, Zachary’s career has spanned pure creative UI design for web and mobile applications as well as incubation level UX and innovation consultancy within the tech startup space.

Having called Australia home for more than a decade, Zachary has entrenched himself within the Melbourne and Sydney creative and startup scene and has worked as Creative Director and Innovation Director for a number of local ventures. With a flair for living life, travelling and sailing, he eventually moved to a spectacular bit of coastline on the Far South Coast of NSW to raise his own family and work via the cloud.

It was in this more rural environment and with two children who deserve a better future that Zachary began connecting the dots of global digital innovation and sustainable, ethical agricultural management. Zachary met Dan Tarasenko during his consultancy with Next Place Pty. Ltd. a vertical real estate search engine. Quickly realising they shared a passion for disruptive-model startup innovation, they spent the next few years inventing and pioneering the crowdfunding as a marketplace concept.

This resulted in a unique, enterprise level crowdfunding API and Crowd Carnivore is the first public application to utilise the platform.