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If you want to start or grow a highly successful business OR you want to rise to the top of the corporate world, one thing is for sure – you must get educated!

Up until now, your options to achieve business success have been to trawl through countless articles on the web, to waste your time watching mostly poor quality videos on YouTube or to spend upwards of $40,000 to do an MBA – 90% of which is theoretical, out of date and doesn’t apply in the real world.

That’s why we built Bizversity, a purpose-built learning platform that offers you a world-class business education from the world’s best teachers, in a way that is fast, practical, personal, affordable and fun.

One Simple Plan that Will Give You Access to the World's Best Business Training. Anywhere Anytime.


The ultimate plan for savvy solopreneurs looking to grow their business fast.

Per month billed annually or $97 month to month
That’s only less than $2.80 per day
  • Unlimited Videos Per Month
  • Access Bizversity via 3 Devices
  • Growth Speed (1.25x, 1.5x, 2x)
  • Watch in High Definition (HD)
  • Download to Phone/Tablet
  • Watch/Listen in Offline Mode
  • 1000+ Training Videos
  • 40+ Business Courses
  • Create Your Playlist
  • LearnSwitch™ (Video to Audio)
  • Track Your Progress
  • Global Leaderboard
  • BRiN Digital Business Coach
  • 10+ New Videos Every Week
  • Live Chat, Email & Phone Support

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